ind pic 300x200 1 300x200 - About usF.P.K. GmbH was founded by , Switzerland in 2002. The abbreviation F.P.K. stands for Forschung, Planung, Komplettierung, i.e. Researching, Planning and Equipping.

The main object pursued when setting up the company was engineering, planning and delivery of equipment manufactured in Germany to CIS as well as Central Asia, mainly for chemical and oil-and-gas-refining enterprises, metallurgy and heavy engineering.

Gradually at the stage of business development FPK GmbH together with DIVENG has built up a network of the representative offices and technical centers in CIS countries.

Landweg 1, CH-6052, Hergiswil, Switzerland
Tel.: + 41 – (0) 41 – 632 53 43
Fax: + 41 – (0) 41 – 632 53 42

Technical Office FPK GmbH
Wilhelm-Firl-Strasse 16, 09122 Chemnitz, Germany
Technical director: Mr. Helmut Bohlender
Tel.: +49 – 371 33 40 91 54
Fax: +49 – 371 33 40 91 56

FPK GmbH representative office in Uzbekistan has operated since 2003.

Massiv Almazar,16/1 k.68, 700003 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Representative: Mr. Akramov Olim
Tel.: +998 / 71 / 227 4644
Fax: +998 / 71 / 227 4644

In 2005 FPK GmbH established the representative office in Russia.

2-oi Paveletskij proezd, 9, Moscow, Russia
Representative: Ms. Maria Arakcheeva
Tel./ Fax: +7 / 499 / 265 7524

In 2007 FPK GmbH/ Germany together with DIVENG/ Switzerland has arranged the work of their representative in Ukraine.


As a Diveng subsidiary, F.P.K. GmbH is oriented at assembling plants and spare parts, searching high-tech equipment and organizing export deliveries of the selected equipment manufactured in Germany.

Germany belongs to the world leaders in manufacturing equipment for chemical and oil-and-gas refining industries, and it is essential to meticulously look into all advantages, technological characteristics and distinctive operating features of the equipment used.

Therefore the feedback that our highly competent technical specialists can directly provide to the manufacturer’s staff members ripens into a matter of intense relevance both in terms of complex team F.P.K. GmbH – Diveng deliveries and direct deliveries to CIS and Central Asia carried out independently by F.P.K. GmbH.

F.P.K. GmbH can both engage in engineering and delivery procedures as a way of direct cooperation with the customers and implement project and marketing routines through a number of Diveng representatives and technical experts located in CIS countries.

Please send all questions regarding cooperation as well as inquiries for delivery of equipment and spare parts to the .