F.P.K. GmbH is mostly oriented at working with customers in CIS and Middle Asia through its representatives and DIVENG service centers. High technical competence, vast working experience and sound relationships with customers allow our regional specialists to supply F.P.K GmbH with an invariably voluminous torrent of orders and initiate the effecting of new projects for chemical and oil-refining industries.

The association of the companies embracing F.P.K. GmbH as an independent company does not confine itself to mere delivery of the main technological equipment and carries out a whole complex of preliminary studies comprising the state of the equipment currently used, the possibilities of its appropriate replacement by modern equipment produced by world leading manufacturers, strategies of matching new apparatuses with the existing line designed for the old ones, and practical recommendations as to the further optimal use of the equipment supplied.

Delivery of complex technological equipment is always supplemented with commissioning as well as maintenance in the course of the ensuing usage of the apparatus performed either exclusively by the specialists from the regional service centers, or also by the specialists of the manufacturing enterprises.

Furthermore, we often collaborate with various manufacturing companies, jointly setting up presentations of the whole range of the equipment offered, carry out training tutorials for the operating personnel to use the complex technological equipment at the customer’s site and arrange our experts’ visits to the service centers in Europe.

For the convenience of clients delivery of equipment and spare parts is mostly carried out through service centers on DDP-customer’s stock terms. When necessary, the company assumes the certification of the equipment imported into CIS at government standardization centers as well as ROSTEKHNADZOR & Khimnadzor agencies.

Directly as well as through its service centers, F.P.K. GmbH supplies equipment and technological systems to the following customers in CIS:

Chemical Industry
OAO “Nevinnomysskiy AZOT” Nevinnomyssk
OAO “Cherepovetskiy AZOT” Cherepovets, Vologda region
OAO “NAK AZOT” Novomoskovsk, Tula region
OAO “Shchekinoazot” Shchekino
OAO “AZOT” Berezniki
OAO “Kemerovo AZOT” Kemerovo
OAO “Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers” Voskresensk
OOO “Balakovo Mineral Fertilizers” Balakovo
OAO “Uralkaliy” Berezniki
OAO “Metafrax” Gubakha
OAO “Kamteks – Khimprom” Perm
AO “Ammofos” Almalyk
AO “AZOT” Cherkassy
AO “Concern Stirol” Gorlovka
SGPP “AZOT Association” Severodonetsk
OAO “DneprAZOT” Dneprodzerzhinsk
“PROCTER and GAMBLE” Ordzhonikidze
AO “Lakma” Kiev


Oil and Gas Industry
OOO “Astrakhangazprom” Astrakhan
OOO “Orenburggazprom” Orenburg
OAO “Ryazan NPK” Ryazan
OOO “LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka” Volgograd
OAO “Saratovorgsintez” Saratov
OAO “Tatneft” Almetyevsk
OAO “Kazanorgsintez” Kazan
OOO “Tomskneftekhim” Tomsk
OOO “Stavrolen” Budennovsk
“Lvovgazdobycha” Lvov
“Ukrnafta” Kiev
“Ukrtatnafta” Kremenchug
AO “Eurasian Energetics Corporation” Aksu
“Kazmunaigaz”, “Embamunaigaz” Corporation Aktau